I grew up in a family of 7. Father, mother and 5 children. I was one of the two children that came long after the other 3. My father worked two jobs and my mother was disabled and diseased most of the time. During my youth I only once went for a holiday of 1 week with my parents to a town by the sea in the Netherlands. We had what we needed but never anything extra. My parents struggled with life and each other. They split for some time, but then got back together again. It was never really harmonious.  I realize that my youth had a big influence on the rest of my life. I wanted to travel and see the world, I wanted to have enough money to do what I like and I never wanted to be diseased and disabled like my mother. 

Until 2010 I was always working. Earning money but also spending it again. Traveling but not the way I wanted it. Being married and having 2 children, but almost never at home. The good thing always was that I never got sick. Perhaps it was simply because I would not admit it. Whatever I would feel I would get up and go to work. Nothing could stop me. In 2010, turning 50 and  being in my second marriage I realized that I wasn’t happy. That I hadn’t achieved what I really wanted, that I did not have financial reserves and that I did not have a warm family life. In 30 years I was almost at the same spot I was in my youth.

I decided that is was time for real change. I met my wife Caroline and we decided together to start anew with everything. In 2012 Caroline quite her job as a psychiatric nurse and I sold my shares in my IT company to my partners. We wanted to live and work together, so we decided to start a healthcare company. From that day on our lives were one, 24 hours a day. We lived together and we build our company together. The first 2 years were tough but after  less than 5 years we had 800 employees. It was a great success but again we realized that this was not really what we wanted. We both wanted to be free. Work hard but also enjoy our success at the same time. Travel around the world. Meet new people. Not being stuck in an office 7 days a week solving all kinds of operational problems. So we sold our company at the end of 2017 and started anew. Again!

Now we both do what we really like. Still together, but a little bit more independent from each other. Caroline was trained to be a Master NLP trainer, coach and speaker and is also involved in network marketing with essential oils. I started investing in property in the UK with part of the money we got from selling our company to start creating recurring income. I also started studying cellular health and wrote a book called How To Improve Cellular Health and another one about how to balance life and work and be wealthy, healthy and loved called All You Can Eat TAPAS. In this last book I focus on how to apply positive thinking for balancing your life and work and your happiness and success. With the Life/Work Balance Building Blocks ® and the medical device Healy I help people all over the world to change their life, health and wealth forever. Caroline and I now work wherever we are in the world. We are building recurring income and at the same time earn enough money to live a happy life.

It took me almost 60 years to be where I wanted to be. So it is never too late. I travel all over the world as part of my daily life and work. I share it all with my loving wife Caroline and we are building recurring income to never have to worry about money anymore. Finally I arrived where I wanted to be when I was young.          

Jos Struik