I started Turnaco because of the great possibillities the internet has to communicatie with people all over the world. To share ideas, experiences and thoughts but also help people to unleash the power of positive thinking in life and business.

Being an entrepeneur since 1996 I have seen and worked with a lot of different organisations and people in many places and countries. I have experienced the power of positive thinking myself and with others. I want to share my knowledge, experience and contacts with everybody who is interested. Feel free to follow me and Turnaco but also feel free to go elsewhere. It is important that you find your path through life. I will be honoured if I may accompany you on that path. 

Turnaco's head office is situated in the beautiful city of Alkmaar in the Netherlands, but we also have offices in the USA (Florida) and in the UK (London) and we work for people all over the world. 

Jos Struik

About us 

Find your path through life!

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